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Gregory Bayne mixes self-help and double crosses in his B&W small-town noir.

"the enjoyable 6 Dynamic Laws for Success (in Life, Love & Money) embraces an oddly chipper spirit as its sad-sack protagonist competes with savvier bad guys to find the loot from a long-ago bank robbery. Seemingly made on a shoestring but not suffering much for it, the pic deserves better than the nearly invisible theatrical release it is getting; whatever its box-office fate, it makes a fine calling card for Bayne."

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Successful Idaho-made film showcases state's talent, growing film industry

by Morgan Boydston for KTVB Channel 7 in Boise, Idaho

"6 Dynamic Laws for Success (in Life, Love & Money)" was shot in 2016 and was nominated for several awards, winning a handful of them, at film festivals all over the hemisphere in the last year.


How to Succeed by Really Trying

by George Prentice for The Boise Weekly

A snappy screwball comedy that keeps you guessing as much it keeps you entertained, 6 Dynamic Laws for Success (in Life, Love & Money) isn't just the best Idaho-based film in recent memory; it's one of the best original big-screen comedies of 2018 to date.


Idaho Filmmaker Greg Bayne Talks Film Noir

Interviewed by Gemma Gaudet, Boise State Pulic Radio

Boise filmmaker Greg Bayne produced and directed two documentary features, Jens Pulver | DRIVEN (2011), and Bloodsworth–An Innocent Man (2015) and was recognized as the  2012 Sundance New Frontier Storytelling Fellow and 2015 IFP Screen Forward Lab fellow.vHis 2017 noir film, 6 Dynamic Laws for Success (In Life, Love & Money) was shown last weekend at The Flicks in Boise and has been extended for an additional week.

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Local Film Hits Local Big Screen

by Steve Liebenthal for KIVI Channel 6, Boise, Idaho.

A local film maker's latest project is on the big screen at The Flicks in Boise. "6 Dynamic Laws for Success in Life, Love and Money" is playing for a second weekend.

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Writer/Director Gregory Bayne interviewed on 94.9 The River

Gregory Bayne sits down with Ken Bass and Debbie Courson Smith on The River morning show to discuss the continued release of "6 Dynamic Laws for Success."


Film Threat Review

by Bradley Gibson for

The absurdity and the noir banter combine into a Lynchian high weirdness mix of the familiar plus the strange. Goofy fun for a rainy afternoon...

Local Sightings 2017: What to Watch

By Tony Kay for City Arts Magazine

Great modern films-noir are rare, which makes Gregory Bayne’s well-acted and tight black-and-white take on the genre that much more of a home run.